Walk away your troubles

I have Crohn's Disease (a very mild case) and I just wanted to post here in case people are googling for info... this is just an anecdotal report and I am definitely not using a scientific method here but I am here to tell you that mild exercise has definitely helped me manage my condition.

I have a lot of pain from inflammation and I have noticed if I come home from work (where I sit at desk most of the day) and then just sit around for the evening, I get progressively stiffer and more uncomfortable as the night wears on... sleeping then isn't very good and I often wake up for an hour or so and just sit up waiting for the aches and pains to pass before going back to bed (I have a very comfortable bed, but it seems like lying down causes me to slowly be in more and more pain till I can't stand to be in bed anymore and need to either get up and sleep sitting up on the couch or just stay up and try to walk around a bit).

Lately, though, I have been able to stay in bed all night most nights (I still wake up all the time but am able to change my sleeping position/elevation after using the washroom and having some water and go back to sleep). I have been trying to either do a combination of a healthy meal, a walk, and chores (inside or out) every night... I find the exercise really helps keep me from getting to stiff and sore before bed so when I go to bed (at say 10PM till 5:45AM) I am more comfortable and more worn out so I sleep more deeply.

One cavet: there are always days when I come home exhausted and really in pain. On those days I don't force myself to work or move. I just hunker down and try to get to bed as early as possible as I feel exhausted and am able to sleep from sheer exhauastion... In the morning I normally feel better (not 100% better but see improvement over 2 days).

Anyway, eat healthy, drink lots of water, get enough sleep and feel better everyone.