Smelly sandals

I own Teva sandals and love them but even though the sole is supposed to be anti-bacterial they still smell bad. Awful, in fact. Yes, I can clear a room. God help you if you have to share a car with me in the summer.

That is until now.

Yesterday I Googled the problem and learned that you can spray your sandals down with spray deodorant. I got some Old Spice spray deodorant on sale and have used it for the past 24 hours. So far, so good...

I have tried Lysol in the past but found my feet got dry and cracked from it so this is a nice compromise (I am assuming the deodorant is a little easier on me but maybe not as it is just the first day).

My technique is to spray the sandals down when I take them off and then spray my feet right before sliding them into the sandals the next time I wear them. I have noticed a big difference so far.


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