Hamachi House - Portland St., Dartmouth, NS

Food was excellent, service top-notch, bill was pricey but fair.

I started with Calamari, breaded with Panko breadcrumbs and deep fried to perfection. The sauce provided was delicious. We then had a wide assortment of sushi, all spectacularly good and very fresh.

Great place for special occasions but too pricey for every day. It is very refreshing to be able to eat at a place of that quality in Dartmouth.


Anonymous said…
There are lots of great quality restaurants in Dartmouth. Clearly, you just haven't found them. The Vines for example is a fabulous restaurant.

And Hamachi House - Dartmouth is far from expensive.
macdonaldster said…
It is a little pricey for me everyday. :) If you have too much cash, I'll take some. :)

Re: vines - yes, I love it there. The sampler night where they give you small portions of various items is a blast!

I used to work at LaPerla in downtown Dartmouth as a cook (most recently in 1997, I don't really do that any more) so I would count that as a good place as well.

It isn't really the lack of GOOD food (like I LOVE Neighbours on Portland) it is more the caliber of the menu, presentation, and service...

For example, it would be nice if a place like Mezza opened in Dartmouth. That sort of level of food (I do find Mezza pretty slow, we waited 1 hour for coffee and desserts the other night and the staff were aware we were waiting, etc.).
Anonymous said…
hamachi in dartmouth is great and they have a very good head chef there re:andy

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