Update: Controlling My Inputs

Update to the original post: https://www.macdonaldster.ca/2024/03/life-controlling-my-inputs.html

So far, so good. I HAVE commented on Reddit a couple of times regarding Google Sheets and that's about it. I also caved in and commented on Facebook a few times. I won't be doing that again unless it is a friend and I am sharing a laugh.

The dust is settling here:

  1. I am using Readwise Reader now for my RSS and URL saving needs. 
  2. Inoreader is still great but Readwise just added better code around managing RSS feeds and so now it's good again. It can also handle ebooks, PDFs, etc. (meaning you can annotate them).
  3.  I had subscribed to a couple of RSS feeds for Reddit groups but trashed those today and added a single RSS feed for all my subscribed Lemmys. I'll see how that goes. I don't want to interact but I like knowing what's going on. 
  4. Finally, I am spending less time on apps, more time reading books. I like that.



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