Like a very tired phoenix, this blog is rising from its cold, damp ashes

After years of trying different blogging systems which mainly focused around generating the blog and uploading it (or variations on that like the systems where you commit stuff to a git repo and it builds remotely or Obsidian Publish) I have returned to ye olde Blogger and found I have content here going back QUITE a ways. 

 I was going to flatten it all but I think I will leave it. 

In doing this, I have been struggling to come up with a good reason to blog. I want to write things, and publish them on the web, as a way of clearing my head. It isn't evident that this has value to the rest of the world but writing publicly does seem to alter the way it feels to write. 

My current issues:

- health - found some skin cancer on my ear, cardio health is in the toilet from my last bout with COVID, and I need to deal with my posture and terrible eating habits. 

- tech - is a reckoning coming for ChapGPT in court with all the copyrighted docs they used to train 

- weather - Edmonton, the city I live in, is sitting above zero with very little precipitation during a time of the year when we expect dustings of snow interspersed with bigger snowfalls and temps at least -10c during the day; what is the next spring and summer going to be like after a Winter like this?

 - meal planning, meditation, walking the dog, it's all fair game to write about here - the fact that no one but me will ever stumble on this means writing here is pretty low stakes. :)




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