For posterity - status of a couple of things I have been working on

1. new job - I don't normally post about work here but I have been at a new job for almost a couple months now and am enjoying it.

2. exercise - since it got hot here (Summer) I haven't been going to the gym. I've started running instead. Been doing 1.5km in about 15 minutes every second day and will bump that up to 3km (gradually) when my new running shoes arrive at the end of the month. Focusing on not injuring myself by doing too much too soon. I am also spending more time walking the dogs after I go jogging. Jogging with them is a little stressful as only Lukie can come and he's very disruptive to jogging. :) Once I get in better shape I'll take him with me more, I think. If I can keep this up for another couple weeks I'll give up the gym membership.

3. diet - been trying to eat better... the smell of McDonald's now grosses me out more often than it makes me want to eat there but I still get cravings.

Also, been doing some volunteer work for the Canada Games (in Halifax 2011) and trying to do more maintenance around the house.


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