The Red Baron

I just watched The Red Baron (2008).

I have to say this was a pretty excellent movie. I have always had a love of WWI aircraft and of course know the history of what a horrible war it was (really, is any war not horrible?).

As a child and later as an adult I read the Biggles books so I had a pretty decent layman’s knowledge of what this movie was going to be like. Airmen have always seemed to do things their own way (at least in the movies) so I expected a lot of material in the movie about the plans, fighter tactics, and their activities beyond flying sorties. I was not disappointed.

I am happy to say this was a suitably complex story about a persons evolving attitude toward war: from glorification to abhorrence. The love story, criticized by many as “unnecessary” provided the needed conflict that Richthofen’s family life did not --- conflict created by the desire to live a life beyond that of a fighter ace.

To sum up: if you like historical action/war movies check this one out. Also, see it if you are a bi-plane enthusiast… the flying is incredible.


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