Camping in the rain (and how I lost weight)

Our camping trip this weekend was basically a rain-soaked tarp-fest. Just the way I like it. :)

We got there Friday night and set up camp. There were about 9 of us at a few different sites, but 5 of us were ajoining. We stayed dry the first night but that morning it rained, starting around 7AM. Just a light shower.

We flew into action with the tarps and set up a really nice two-tarp tent system over the campfire and food prep area (tarp was high enough that we could have a fire under it, and peaked. The arrangement was a little wonky so we gradually fine-tuned it and removed any places where water would pool, etc. End result was a nice tarp shelter that was roomy and comfortable.

The rain went from light showers to real rain (especially late at night) so by Sunday late afternoon people were fleeing the campground in droves. Not us. :) We did some further work to deal with water and hunkered down. That night the rain was heavy. About as heavy as anything I have sat through in a tent before.

So what does one do on a weekend like this for exercise? Well you can walk in the rain or just sit and visit with fellow campers. I had intended to do a hike that park has attached to it but ended up just visiting, sitting, eating and relaxing. The funny thing is that I came home a few pounds lighter than when I left despite eating like crazy as often as I wanted, spending most of my time sitting, and so on. I am pretty tired despite all the relaxing so maybe I was getting exercise after all?


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