Short post

OK, I am on the job here so just a quick post... I made it through Christmas and New Years without suffering major issues due to Crohn's. I think the snow shoveling has helped (light exercise on a regular basis).

I have a lot on the go right now but am sure things will ease up soon and I can once again take a couple hours here and there to relax and enjoy life...

The Bhutto assasination really got to me as I think it is all too easy to see the unseen hand of U.S. backed and funded government of Pakistan here acting through its secret service (who, incidentally, seems to be in bed with A.Q.). It'd be nice to see the US really try to encourage Pakistan to have democratic elections and maybe do more to ensure their funding isn't entirely spent on military stuff but, unfortunately, the US has no real interest in that beyond playing lip service to it as an ideal.

Wish I had more time.


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