Back to normal

OK, I was sick and now I am not. :) Well, I still have Crohn's but, hey, doesn't everyone these days?

What's new:

  • Had another spectacularly good meal at Hamachi House last night (in Dartmouth). I had the Calamari, because you would need to be insane not to, and followed it up with "Tofu Steak" (basically pieces of flat-grilled tofu served on a mound of delicious spinach and dressed with a delicious sesame vinagrette; this is accompanied by their standard veggies and a choice of starch: I chose the fresh cut fries and was very happy with them).
  • One of our dogs has been on a diet because he was getting a little hefty (too many calories as opposed to not enough exercise). He's slimming down now and is more active than ever if that is even possible.
  • CD: I felt REALLY good for a while after my cold cleared up but the last couple days have been rough. More exhaustion than pain although I am getting pain now in my back, etc. I was sort of enjoying being sick with the cold because for some reason all my aches and pains abated for a while. :) Go figure.
  • Health food: I started taking Greens+ detox. It seems to treat me right and I think the extra nutrients are beneficial. I am sure a study showing this product damages various internal organs is right around the corner but that's life.

Oh, also, I was in no way involved in a Hummer that accidentally rammed into a house in my city nor was I involved in the 18-car police chase in that same city days later. No, I am a peaceable, law-abiding citizen. I have been involved in the sense that I am forced to ask myself what kind of city I am living in. It certainly doesn't feel like the one I grew up in although Dartmouth has always been a little rough around the edges (which I like).

I guess the level of violent crime seems to be going up but it could simply be a function of growing population. And the increasingly bad driving could be a symptom of people being busier and more preoccupied with their own lives instead of trying to watch out for the people around them.

Do I have any hope that our city will wise up and start behaving more responsibly? Good question! Not sure I know the answer yet.


Anonymous said…
rather than hope for your city to change, I think you should use the fact that you are from Dartmouth to your advantage. "Man puts Mazda 626 through 7-11 storefront!" ""oh... he was from Dartmouth! what can you do..."

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