House projects

Just wanted to make some notes on the house projects we have underway:
  • Deck - the post-holes are filled with cement and ready to support a deck
  • Stairs (needed to remove these to build the deck) - the old, hollow cement stairs were jackhammered into rubble the same day the guys did the posts... yesterday was spent sledge-hammering them into smaller rubble and piling the bigger stuff out of the way and piling the small stuff inside the remains of the stairs (they are taken down enough to build over). There was a significant quantity of gravel under the stairs that I now have in a bin for use in the stone walkway project.
  • Stone Walkway- I am using the larger stairs-rubble as stepping stones for a path I am building to repair a worn-away area (from myself and the dog going through there all the time---I take of the garbage through there and the dog loves doing laps of the house, etc). I am doing a couple stones a day until this is done. No rush. For more about the walkway and how/why I am building it: click here.
  • Garden - my significant other did some serious gardening... we have lots of nice flowers and shrubbery and also some herbs in pots waiting for a nice deck to grow on.
  • Christmas lights - yes, it took me until May 12 to take down the Christmas lights.
Anyway, next week: deck building.


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