Thunderbird 2.0

Yes, it is finally out: Thunderbird 2.0 This release implements tagging, something I use extensively. I use six tags (they were called labels before) :
  1. unprocessed mail: need to read/tag it; in the previous TB, this was just an unlabelled message.
  2. Action Required: I need to do something with it.
  3. Archive - Useful: I might want this info later but I don't need it in front of me.
  4. Archive - processed: I don't delete email but I can ignore this stuff if searching for an old email, usually.
  5. Upcoming meetings/agendas: I send myself email with a subject prefixed with "2007-04-17 @ 22:00" or whatever (I use that date format to order by date... it means one less app to run as I don't need to use a calendar)
  6. Waiting: I file anything here that I am waiting to hear back on or needs to be done in a couple weeks, etc.
I would like to add "using this" or something so I can flag a couple emails as relevant to the task at hand and always be able to see them. Very happy to have this feature.