2021-11-18 Low Carb, I guess

It's day 57 of my new lifestyle. So far, so good. As you can see, whatever I am doing is working. Slow and steady.

I've gone from being totally Keto to more like low carb with occasional days in the Keto range. Actually, yesterday, I ate a bunch of thin crust pizza. But I was otherwise very strict during the day and again today. I'm not perfect. I found it odd that I lost weight overnight despite that. And tomorrow I might be up a bit despite being strict with myself today. It's about the average; the trendline.

My blood test to see if this is working is Dec 15, 2021. By then, I am projected to weigh about 266lbs, which is a little under 20lbs down since I started this. That's pretty exciting for me as I am barely minding the new diet. I have had a few back slides. It's OK. It helps me realize I don't really need to miss carbs all that much. I mean, yes, I would love a plate of pasta but I know how I'd feel afterward.

Anyway, I felt like this was a significant place in my journey and wanted to mark it with a post. One of the main reasons is this is about the point where I would normally think "this is too hard, I am going to eat to my heart's content" or maybe "I've done so well, I can take a break for a few days". Well, guess what? That's how the downward slides start. Now is the time to redouble my efforts and realize that I've come this far so turning back would be idiocy.