2021-10-19 Keto (a month in)

It's been almost a month already. So far, so good.

I've been very strict with myself but it has been easy. I know what is at stake now.

My wife's birthday was cause for a weekend away and I did eat carbs and have a couple of beers on the Saturday but we also spent the majority of the day outside being active. When we got home, I went back to watching things closely and found I hadn't gained any weight as a result of this.

The truth is, I felt like garbage after eating carbs again. Yes, a burger and fries is delicious but is it worth feeling like I am sedated and being uncomfortable and irritable while it slow digests like a brick? One thing that HAS helped me tremendously this time around is Carbonaut bread. With this bread, I can have a sandwich or eat an egg with some toast. They make burger buns, too. This is a game changer. I think it why I don't feel like I am giving anything up.

If I can continue at my current rate, I should be around 260 by the time my mid-December blood test comes up. That's a loss of almost 25lbs. If that happens I will be feeling pretty good. If it doesn't, I will still be satisfied as long as the slope of the chart is "down". I was thinking about it - the scale rarely stays the same with me, it is almost always slowly creeping up. If I am "good" I can keep it from going up, but never down. It's only when I've been doing Keto and/or IF that it goes down. I found I couldn't sustain IF. I love a couple of eggs in the morning or some Farm Girl cereal. I usually have a coffee when I get up and get to work, then another half cup with some food a few hours later. It's just too enjoyable. I'd rather do Keto instead and enjoy that meal first thing.