2021-08-10 Filing

I have always had an issue with "papers". I get things I want to keep but I am too preoccupied to file them immeadiately, so I drop them in an "inbox" and every few months I go through it and shred or file the papers. Blood test requisitions and vaccinations go in there, as does my new Community League membership card (to be cut out and stored in my wallet). It's a pile of stuff. Not organized but at least it's all in one pile.

This week, I have an overflowing inbox so it's time to purge. Luckily I stumbled on a great filing method for these modern times. You have a file folder set (I have hanging folders in a small folder hanging bin) of 12 folders. One for each month. As papers come in, purely reference docs to get file are dropped into the current month. As the year goes by and you come upon a month with papers from the previous year you take 10 minutes to go through them and decide what to keep and what to shred. A few minutes a month, and it is trivial to find, say, a power bill from a couple months ago or your ticket stub from that concert (joking - COVID). It also looks much tidier than a massive pile of papers overflowing an paper tray.