Getting things the way you like them

There's a great episode of the Simpson's where Willy's shack is burned to the ground and he cries out "I just got it the way I liked it!" (or something like that).

Every Simpson's fan knows Willy's shack was... "rustic". But it was his and he was comfortable in it, despite it being stoic and cobbled together.

I've noticed as I get older and stay in places longer and longer, the areas of the home I use a lot get optimized. For example, I have the kitchen set up so it is very easy to cook and clean. And I make tiny adjustments to the set up all the time. It's very satisfying to come up with a new way to do something you have done forever that works better than it did before. We often settle into routines and think "this is good, I am going to stick with this". And then time passes and we continue those routines, forgetting what is we originally got into them for.

I find life is better when I constantly take a look at my routines, my set ups, and my habits and think "is this still serving me like it once did?"

Sometimes the answer is "yes". Sometimes the answer is "no". When it is "no", I try to change it up and I often find making a very small adjustment is the way to go. The key is you need to make a lot of those small adjustments over time. When I used to move around, I would never be in a place long enough to really settle in. I wouldn't waste time getting better items for my place, or organizing things. My clothes stayed where they were the first time I unpacked my bag and threw then in a dresser or closet. And if that meant it was a hassle to get dressed maybe I didn't care because I wore chef's whites 6 or 7 days a week, anyway. Now, I am older and I could potentially be living in this house for another five, ten, or more years. It makes sense to really take the time to get things the way I like and to enjoy that process. I feel like this is a comfort and something I wish I had discovered when I was younger.