Are UFOs ReAL? :)

The US has released a report in UFOs. Sorry, UAPs. Are they real? Yes, they are, according to the report, but this doesn't mean they are aliens. There's many things they COULD be but UFOs are the least likely explanation simply because we have no officially recognized evidence they really exist.

But what if it was true, and these were not from Earth. How would that happen?

  1. Life tends to expand and push boundaries. If it does not, it will use up resources or fail to adapt to a changing environment. As our own species struggles to explore the solar system, we cannot deny this drive in our own intelligent species.

  2. AI seems to be something that we could develop. And we also currently have 3D printers that can theoretically reproduce themselves. If you combine the concept of an AI system with a frame it can replicate you and put these on a space ship, you have a von Neumann probe (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-replicating_spacecraft).

  3. Imagine, if you will, that a society far away decided it made sense to build and deploy thousands of these on ships using solar sails (for example) to propagate throughout the galaxy, landing on planets, replicating, and exploring. I assume they would actually drop off exploratory probes while passing near planets of interest and then continue.

  4. Finally, assume a follow on craft comes through the system later and gathers data from these probes, then returns home or perhaps uses the information to decide to drop other craft (e.g. colonists in stasis).

Yes, the timescale here is millions (billions?) of years. Yes, there would be little point to doing this from our perspective. But it is theoretically possible. In my opinion, if there is something on our planet that didn't originate here, this is what we have. Do I think this is likely? No.

Over the past few weeks, I have done a pretty deep dive on this topic because the US governments public messaging made no sense to me. I am still not sure why this is all happening. My gut says money is at the core of this, I just don't know who is making the money. There is a very, very slight chance this is real and "Disclosure" is coming, but again, that seems pretty remote at this point.